An Unhurried Life

16 Jun

I recently read Alan Fadling's excellent book "An Unhurried Life." I'm a listener to the Unhurried Life podcast and have also read other books by him so I knew what to expect. I enjoyed the book and it gave me a lot to consider. I've been a big advocate for several years now of slowing down the pace of life to be more intentional and more connected to God. I truly believe that the slower spiritual disciples, intentional routines and a slower pace of life are going to be critical to us thriving in the new world we're creating through all the social change, the pandemic, and the shifting economy. Being unhurried in our soul and truly staying connected to God and the work we're called to is the key to living a life of meaning.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes...

"His [Jesus] sense of timing often puzzled those around him."

"Move at the pace of grace." (this is so lovely!)

"My hurry is often what makes the yoke of life and ministry heavier than Jesus meant it to be."

"It doesn't take long to teach what. Teaching how requires a more unhurried, personalized approach, and it is far more challenging."

"Genuine productivity is not about getting as much done for God as we can manage. It is doing the good work God actually has for us in a given day."

"We human beings are truly alive when we let ourselves be nourished by God, satisfied by God, and sustained by God."

"One of the barriers that hinders our growth is that we learn something and then just try to make it happen without much reflection on the resistance such ideas can stir within us. Within me are hidden, I not ignored, resistances to the good practice, behavior or habit that I'm trying to establish, and that is one reason why behavioral changes don't stick."

"An unhurried vision of growth and maturity brings freedom and encouragement because we have a whole lifetime to grow."

I encourage you to read this book for yourself. There is much in it to think about and wrestle with.

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