April Favorite Things

19 Apr

I've been blogging for well over ten years. My old sites either shut down or I gave up for a time only to miss it and start again. One constant through all of my blogs has been my lists of favorite things, just random stuff that it making me happy in the moment. So as I start this new blog, it seems fitting to keep going and make one of my earliest posts a list of favorite things.

  1. Rainforest Crunch coffee from Baltimore Tea & Coffee Company
  2. Tombow TwinTone Marker Pens
  3. You Version reading plans
  4. Father Brown on Netflix
  5. The Lady Sherlock series on audiobook
  6. My new sketchers shoes
  7. Historical mysteries
  8. Verse Mapping
  9. Sunshine
  10. Praying until I fall asleep at night
  11. Using stamps in my journal
  12. My journal template (blog post to come on what that is)

How about you? What are your favorite things?

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