Favorite Things

06 Jan

Here's some things I'm loving right now:

  • My "First Book Lines" literary mug
  • Cuddl Duds socks
  • Mayan Mochas
  • Getting books out of the library
  • Warm sweaters and blankets
  • Watchmacallit candy bars
  • My new 2020 planner from Plum Paper
  • My Freestyle Libra glucose monitor
  • 2x3 photos
  • Fleece-lined gloves
  • Making stickers
  • Writing in my journal
  • Cleaning/organizing my spaces
  • Watching Poirot on Brittbox and Acorn
  • Listening to my New Year's playlist on Spotify
  • New friends on Instagram

How about you? What you you loving right now?

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