Favorite Things (Cancer Edition)

19 Nov

These are a few of my favorite things...

• The big fluffy blanket my cousin made me. - It feels wonderful on my dry skin. Radiation sucks the moisture out of your body for sure!

• Lindy's Italian ice - I need lots of fluid and these help get extra without drinking constantly

• Netflix - My sleeping schedule is weird and I'm often watching TV at times there's nothing decent on. So Netflix has been there for me. :-)

• Almond Milk - While I do not like almond milk per se, I am currently unable to have dairy and so I have embraced the almond milk so that I can still have lattes. I can do all things through Christ...

• Audiobooks - it's hard to read because my brain is a bit cloudy. Audiobooks have been easier to handle and often when my body is tired but my brain is awake, I just put on an audiobook, close my eyes, and listen. My current favorites are the Lady Sherlock series and the Agatha Raisin series.

How about you? What are your favorite things this month?

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