Friday Acknowledgements

13 Dec

Here are the people, places and things I'd like to acknowledge this week...

  • Douglas Kaine McKelvey for his excellent meal prayers in his book Every Moment Holy. They have been such a blessing to me!
  • Debi Boyd for helping set up at the Women's Breakfast and for Debi, Penny, Frank, Brooke and Tori Treadway and Amy Adrienne, and Joanna Trout's help cleaning up afterward. Thanks for stepping in to cover for my physical limitations.
  • Josh Stratton a helpful look at the Prodigal Son parable in light of leading/serving the Growth Group ministry.
  • My nephew, Evan, for bringing up my dumpster.
  • Panera Bread of Hanover, for delivering food for events so it's one less thing I have to do myself.
  • My mom for making me the best fried pork chops and pan gravy you've ever tasted.

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