Journaling Before Bed

26 Apr

I've been experimenting with journal templates to help me be more consistent with writing in the evenings. I find that a blank page is often intimidating, but that answering questions seems less so. After trial and error, I've come up with this 3x3 template that I genuinely look forward to filling out. 

3 Things I Did Today

3 Things I'm Thankful For

3 Things I Want to Tell God

That's it - three questions with three answers for each question. It's simple, not too long and covers nearly everything I'd want to write about. There are times I write an additional paragraph or two at the end on things I haven't covered through the questions, but it's so much easier once I get started with the 3 questions and just flow into free writing at the end if I want to.

Give it a try! I'm working on a download for this template that you can use in your Bible Study Notebooks. I should have it in the download section of the website in a few days.

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