Morning Routine

19 Apr

My SIL gave me a smart plug for my birthday and I've recently got it working with the twinkle lights that hang over my bed. Just about the time I figured it out, Amazon announced that you could use music in Alexa routines. So I set up a morning routine that goes like this...

  1. My twinkle lights come on.
  2. Alexa adjusts the volume on the speaker to 3 so that regardless of what level it was at the night before, it's not loud enough to frighten me awake.
  3. Alexa tells me "Good Morning, Sunshine!"
  4. Alexa gives me the weather.
  5. A playlist I've chosen on Spotify plays.

I love this because it's such a nice way to wake up instead of a blaring alarm. I've been afraid it won't wake me up if I'm sleeping soundly, so I have been setting an alarm about 10 minutes after this routine is set to run just in case. But I haven't needed it yet.

I'm currently using a worship playlist to wake up but it won't shuffle so it ends up being the same song every day. I think this weekend, I'll make up a playlist for each day of the week so that I'll rotate around songs that way. I'll have to make up 7 routines, but that's pretty simple and lets me change it for the days as I don't get up the same time every day anyway.

Have you used routines in the Alexa app? Any suggestions for someone just learning them?

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