October Scripture Writing

October Scripture Writing is here! The list is available for download in four different sizes by clicking here. Our theme this month and next is 1 Peter.

Writing Scripture is the spiritual discipline that has had the greatest impact on my life during the last eight years. I have been blessed by writing the Word of God slowly and methodically. While writing individual verses has been beneficial, writing entire books over the course of several weeks has yielded the sweetest fruit. Reading and writing a verse or two a day and building on the days before allows me to grasp concepts that reading in larger sections doesn’t. I have learned the daily discpline of writing a few verses helps me understand the passages in greater depth. Over the next two months, we’ll be tackling another book in it’s entirety. Peter has a lot to say to us and our culture today that I think will greatly bless you.

I'd love for you to post photos of your Scripture Writing in Instagram for all of us to cheer you on. Use the hashtag #biblegirlscripture so that we can find your photos.

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