Rethinking Everything

08 Jul

I feel like the last 2-1/2 years dealing with cancer and it's after-effects and the recent months of restrictions and changes due to the Covid-19 virus has wrecked my routines and my understanding of normal. It's as if the life I knew before cancer disappeared on December 15, 2017. And I know it's never coming back.

And so I wrestle with what my life should - and can - look like now. The virus has me mostly staying home likely until there's a viable vaccine. And I'm left with physical limitations from the cancer that frustrate me, mostly because I'm still learning to live with them. These two areas of limitations have been confusing to work through. And while some days I feel like things are getting more settled, there's still plenty of days where I struggle with discouragement and uncertainty.

And so, like many of you, I'm rethinking everything in my life. My routines, my habits, my spiritual practices, my schedule, my time, my finances, my way of working - all of it has been under scrutiny. And while I'm not where I want to be, I'm slowly gaining clarity.

I know for a fact that my yearning for slower practices and habits over the last five years has prepared me for this as I simply cannot operate as before. I've been through too much and the world has changed too greatly. So these days I'm asking some questions...

  • Where do I need to lower my expectations and let the Holy Spirit set the pace?
  • What good things do I need to eliminate so that I can do what is fulfilling and purposeful?
  • Where am I resisting the pruning work of the Spirit?
  • How can I rework the pieces of my life with the help of the Spirit so that I can build God's kingdom and stop expending time and energy building my own?

How about you? What are you rethinking during this season of change and uncertainty?

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