Things that bug me.

23 Jan
  1. Hearing the term "fur baby."
  2. Following trucks on the highway that block the road/exit signs.
  3. People that leave their grocery cart right at the door so no one can can get out without moving it.
  4. Stingy tippers. (I'm always leaving extra tips when I eat out with others because I'm worried they aren't tipping enough.)
  5. People that pause and roll right through stop signs.
  6. Singers that don't enunciate their words. If I have to google the lyrics to see what you said you're doing it wrong.
  7. Self-checkout. I do enough work, can't someone just ring me up so I can get home? Plus they are predicated on the idea that everyone is a thief so everything is more difficult than it needs to be.
  8. Pastors and teachers who use a verse to teach something that's not actually in that verse. I get even more annoyed when they are preaching a truth that is elsewhere in Scripture but they are shoehorning it into a passage that's clearly not talking about that.
  9. People who borrow books and never return them. Or return them damaged.
  10. Using the word "overwhelm" as a noun. I know that it is ok grammatically, but it's not a way it was generally used and now it's everywhere. It's grating to me and seems weird. It pulls me out of the sentence every time it's used.
  11. Jeopardy contestants who are so slow they leave answers on the board. I can usually tell within the first 3-5 questions if we are going to complete the board or not. Keep it snappy, abbreviate category names, and stop saying please every time and you can get more money, people!
  12. Books that end abruptly. I often feel like there's one more chapter that was needed to end the book well. I understand that there will always be more readers want to know, but I'm bothered by endings that don't feel like an ending but feel more like the author just wanted to be done writing!

So how about you? What bugs you?

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