What I'm Thankful For

27 Nov

My nephew, Evan - my favorite person in the world

My mom who takes such good care of me, who has sacrificed a lot for me and who has more courage and creativity than she realizes

My dad who has been a rock of support through my cancer and my walking buddy this spring as I was getting my strength back after chemo

My brother who is the most dependable person in my life and the first one I go to with serious problems. He's my go-to guy for my oncology visits because he keeps me calm, asks good questions and drives so I don't have to

My sister-in-law who is more a sister, no in-law needed. She is supportive, loving and funny.

My Oncology team who kept me alive these last two years! Especially for Dr. Molitoris who ran the herd of my doctors into some semblance of order and kept tabs on all the moving pieces of my treatment.

My new endocrinologist who is working outside the box to get my A1C down so I can get my final surgery. She's supportive, kind and compassionate. And pretty smart too!

My church family who have prayed for me, provided for me and been there for me through every step of these last two years. I don't know how people make it through this kind of difficulty without a church of caring people to help shoulder the load.

My friends - too numerous to mention - that have held my hand, driven me to the doctors, called and texted, loved me, listen to me complain, brought me food and treats and visited me in the hospital. There are no words.

I'm thankful for coffee, good books, colored pens, puppies and kittens, warm blankets, manicured nails, new friends, blank journals ready to be filled, bookstores, Target, modern technology, good music, great food and simple pleasures.

And most importantly, I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father who has been my constant comforting presence during the darkest days of my life; for my Savior who understands my suffering, grief and pain and walks with me through it; for the Spirit of God who prays for me, who speaks to me and guides me continually. Where would I be with out you?

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