Here's what's making me happy this week...

06 May

• American Housewife on Hulu

• The Books by the Bay mystery series (My mother and I are both racing through them right now!)

• Chips and Salsa and salads and peanuts (All things that I haven't been able to eat in nearly two years!)

• I've slept through the night without waking three times in the last five days. Hallelujah!

• Setting up a new bullet journal for summer.

• Making YouTube videos

• Meeting God in Scripture by Jan Johnson

• Blueberry Cobbler coffee

• Crocheting (I'm making a blanket of granny squares, pretty simple since I'm not skilled at crochet.)

• Reorganizing my Craft Room (I have to do this slowly as I have some physical limitations, but I'm doing a little at time for now.)

• Sunny days and blue skies. (We had two in a row and that was amazing!)

• Cleaning old files off my computer. (I love seeing the gigabytes of space climb higher each time I empty the trash can.)

• Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.

How about you? What's making you happy this week?

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